Proposed project would bring Maine’s first indoor water park to Saco

Proposed project would bring Maine’s first indoor water park to Saco
Photo of unidentified water park. Image by Mariakray from Pixabay
Liz Gotthelf, Publisher

A proposed development project would bring Maine’s first indoor water park to Saco.

Northern Hospitality Holdings LLC. has proposed a project at 352 North St. that would add a Town Suites Hotel next to the current Ramada Inn and an indoor waterpark called Saco Surf ‘N’ Slide.

The suggested water park would be in a separate, nearly 55,000 square foot, three-story building, according to a public notice. The Ramada Inn banquet hall would be torn down to make room for the new facility, said Tim Michaud, of Terradyn Consultants, who spoke on behalf of Northeastern Hospitality Holdings LLC. at a public informational meeting at Saco City Hall on Thursday night.

The proposed five-story Town Hall Suites hotel would have 139 rooms. It would include extended stay suites and a restaurant, said Michaud. The Ramada Inn, which was recently renovated, would remain, he said.

Michaud said the proposal wouldn’t create a lot of environmental impact as it would use the footprint of a development site for an off-highway commercial complex that was proposed decades ago but never came to fruition.

The suggested project, which is still seeking necessary permits from the City of Saco, would be built in stages, said Michaud. The hotel would be built first, after which the water park would be built in two phases, he said. He said the developer hopes to have the water park open next year.

“It’s going to take time, it’s a large project,” he said.

The proposed water park will primarily be for guests of the two hotels, with slots made available for the general public if the park is not at capacity, said Michaud. He said there will be times during the off-peak period, such as February school vacation week, that there would be more availability for the general public.


Saco Economic Development Director Tracey Desjardins said she was excited to see the project proposed in Saco.

“I think it’s going to be great for the community,” she said. “Everyone from Maine goes to Massachusetts or New Hampshire to go to indoor water parks, why not go to Saco? This will definitely be an economic driver.”

The proposed project site is next to a future turnpike exit, which is expected to be completed in 2025. The access road to the Ramada Inn from Route 112 will be moved to accommodate the turnpike project.

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